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Oh no the screw opened up, my specs, I can not see anything. Help me!

Divyosmi Goswami
3 min readMar 27, 2021


Me wearing funky glasses-Author

Dear readers,

Hello my friends, thank you for being so supportive. I am so happy with all your support. I am a Free and Open Source coder and writer. And my family of you is expanding everyday thank a lot for the reason. It was 63 in my last blog and now it is 75. Thank you for that.

Last week when I was going to start my online classes, my specs broke open. My father somehow managed to fix it. The screw was loose. I have been using that specs for 1.5 years now. Then in the evening when I was studying my specs again broke my mother fixed them this time. I was in a state of art panic mode. Thinking every time my specks are going to break, going to break. So we went to the nearest lenskart shop to select some frames. My mom liked the above frames and totally transparent stylish frames shall show you later. Both the frames are really comfortable and look great. Then the next day early in the morning we went to check my eyes. There I found out my power was now up by 0.5 this time. Meaning 3.5 in both eyes.

Then from there, it took 4 days to make the spectacles ready for me to wear. It was in the factory. I was eagerly waiting for it. In the meanwhile, my spectacle now totally had broken and I use cello tape and sticky tapes to put it in place. I was so panicked it would break and it would break. Every 10 hours I had to repair it. It was so fragile. Only my family and my God knows how much of a ruckus had been all this while and how much I was troubled. My parents tried their level best to help me. I now had a temporary pause on writing, coding and all digital stuff except using a little bit of television. At the time I was working on the UI design for Gyana - HAESolve. The mental health section app. I was so busy with all this. I forgot to tell you that CAD-HAESolve is up and running. But the shiny app is still under development. Very soon I shall enlighten you. I am now learning app development using dart for Gyana. Now coming back to the story. Then I got my specs after 4 — 5 days or so. Then a totally crystal clear image opened up. I am very happy I got my specs.

I can’t think without my glasses

All this while I learnt that taking a small break after doing so much is n sin, you deserve one. a minimal one. you can work during your super awesome break, do some creative, happy and productive. Then do what you do best. I took a long break, shall wait no more, connect the while true loop and start again, after all, we all need to break the pleasant break sometime, beware of the angry in you.

So now I am back into the business. With a fresh mind. I have started my 100 days of code challenge now. I am loving it. I again sat into writing my book. I am currently working on Drunk Darkness and Wedding Freedom. And very soon my documentary on Naxalites, their lives, their secret, myths, truths, lies, and the dark circle of conspiracies and the much more darkness. We both shall delve into it. The documentary “The language of rebellion, the struggle for life: Naxalites” is coming soon. Do click the notification icon to get notified every time I post a blog. Stay tuned keep reading. Stay healthy, stay safe.

Thank you for reading, have a great day, take the much-deserved break. Cheers to live. Do tell me in the comments that what you think about those? ciao, Shall meet you next day.



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