What a Drill!!?

OMG!!? The door is open? What next?

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Dear reader,

Yesterday, I and my family were watching a movie and after watching some 15 minutes I felt thirsty, I told everyone to pause the film and wait for me. I am afraid of the dark. I afraid walking tiptoe and turned on the light and then I took some water in the glass and drank it, it felt like the glass was waiting for me. After drinking water I was going to the room but I don’t know my vision went straight towards the main door of our flat and I found it only closed and if we wanted we could only turn the knob and open it and the main lock was not locked. I was as stiff as a statue for some time and now I was thirsty like a desert. I called my parents. The fear was that someone might enter the house and we could not hear because the sound of tv was loud.

We started our search, all of us with some weapon, I with big scissors, my sister a fork, my mother with nothing and my father well with a knife. My mother was given the task of searching and I helped her if we found someone I would be there to help mom and myself. My papa and sister would be searching for some other side of the house. We searched every mortal thing in the house. We were really scared and it was a creepy experience for me.

Then suddenly my father caught a thought that it there any sign of soap on key. The person could have made a print of the key. We also checked and tested it. And why? Forget that God is there. By God’s grace, nothing happened. I was afraid that whole night.

It was really once in a lifetime moment. I was thinking about what to blog on and idea cam walking to me giving me idea and chills both.

Thank you for reading.

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Divyosmi Goswami: A digital nomad's journal wandering through the physical and cyber city discovering himself.

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