Towards an equal world for specially abled children

Divyosmi Goswami
3 min readSep 29, 2022

Dear readers,

We are very often submerged into our own problems, very seldom being grateful for the immense mercy of God and of maybe if you don’t beleive in God then the sheer probabilistic luck and genetic advantage that has had some of us function properly. You see, the people who have some or the other disadvantage don’t have an upperhand in many cases. The problem is that just because they don’t form a specific range of the spectrum of their problems aren’t widespread,or because they don’t make the considerable chunk of the mass that their voices are often unheard, and in many cases often unnoticed. They dont fall into the visible spectrum of social problems, we don’t devote much time to their problems. This further causes many more issues as policymakers and chage makers and strategists don’t get to know them.

Now a days though, disabled people, or special people are becoming special in true sense. Their pains are much greater, deeper and by God’s grace unimaginable. These people are secluded from the general mass in period of development since childhood, we isolate them from others and specially train them. This old procedure isn’t effective, this creates a commonplace for inequality, as a normal person and a special person don’t get to grow toghether side by side, and aren’t taught to communicate with each other. Moreover, people are becoming less sympathetic every moment now, ever more so. soft skills and sympathetic skills are not being taught nor endorsed and hence people are becoming more and more over-rationalised and mechanical, forgetting all human values.

Many tech startups are coming up with solutions. Some are making glasses that have ai in it that helps you see the world around you, as it narrates it as a tale but that has multiple drawbacks and also is painstakingly hard to use, after all these are made by people who can’t imagine the pain of the blind and there is need for people to test their hardwares before production, some other startups are making applications that tend to serve the same purpose of portable ai through a subscription model, many market it as the gift of sight. Some people are not making either, rather are focusing on making braile more accessible and learnable such that people can read and enjoy life.

Around this time, even I developed a mad idea, which is mad because it is straight out of science fiction, and not mad too, because is is realisable. I thought what if we could have a lens, that captured out surroundings in real time like our optic nerve, and sent electric impulses to the brain, through a chip implanted in the back of the brain, something similar to Neura Link. Its like encoding the image data into a electrical signal. This device can very easily be made, and people who are blind from birth can also use this. Yet another inequality would be solved for eternity.

The potential of tech is endless, and far beyond our imagination. We just need to take it one step further, and stop using it to wage wars, and making ourselves more and more isolated and lonely. I am very optimistic that we can tackle this issue very efficiently in the coming years.

When formally dealing with equality, we very much forget about the rights of the specially abled people, and the disabled people, mentally or physically. When creating an equal social order, they must be given as equal importance as others. They too are equally worthy of love and respect. Heaven knows, they need us, they need love.

Thank you so much for reading, please take care of yourself, and stay safe. Lots of love! Hope you found this one insightful and enlightening.



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