The concerning hierarchy

Classification and ranking have dried us of humane essence. This is the only root of inequality, which is so hurtful to the globe right now.

Divyosmi Goswami
5 min readFeb 27, 2023
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Dear reader,

I have been drawn to the cause of inequality in our society lately. It’s quite evident, that some people have more than ample, and others barely enough. That, study of society begins with understanding of the social relations between the various stratas. The most primal form of discrimination and inequality is gender inequality, amidst a plethora of other miseries. In the vast spectrum of discrimination and micro-macro agression, the most visible form of discrimination is on the basis of gender.

Women get paid less and they are often subject to prejudice and domination of stupid rules which are irrational. They get little to no opportunity to create enterprises or to pursue their careers and have little say in family planning. Little girls are sold off in flesh trade, labour force or child marriage. Even today the wings of many potential angels are chopped off by our patriarchal society. There are still men who face existential crisis upon sight of educated women. Stereotypes, gender roles and domination is recuperated and normalised, it’s a dogma injected into the root of our minds. Even today in the so called, modern world, women are subject to hate, abuse and aren’t safe on the roads. Men suffer too, because of how the society places them and exploits them. But even in these 5000 year old patriarchy, some women have defied the norms and engraved their names in golden letters in the annals of history, to encourage and ignite the spirit and instill courage in women of the future generations to come.

In the present context of debates, I see arguments like “women get a lot more opportunities.”, and “is there any right men have that women don’t?”. The basis of these questions is to demean the effort of the women to establish themselves in the face of unconstitutional discrepancy, as rule of law doesn’t apply all equally. Women have more opportunities in the present job market, but in actuality very few women are skilled enough, or free enough to cash it in. Women are still chain bound to the domestic world.

We hypocrites worship mother goddess, mother nature and worship our nation as mothers, we celebrate women’s day. But how many of us can think of them as equals, and respect them unconditionally, neither more nor less. The women who normalise this discrimination and accept the domination, are both the victims and the perpetrators. they have been taught submission to men and the social hierarchy, they don’t know the concept of equality, and they force it upon their children, by treating the boy differently from the girls. They are like a cancer in the feminist movement. A greater social equality can’t be achieved, unless we can teach that equality is the new normal, and Humanity is the Universal religion.

Today, women are more susceptible to autoimmune diseases, and researchers link it to sexist methods of research and women being understudied subjects for centuries. Women are more time poor than men, because of the amount of the time they have to dedicate towards domestic chores and responsibilities. If they were to monetize this care sector in the informal economy, or rather formally, it would add 30–50% to the current global economy at once, more than what current AI specialist deem hyperautomation technology would. This time poverty is the leading cause to drainage of mental health in women and sleep deprivation which induces stress and lowers overall standard of living, and is also detrimental for the financial condition of poor households.

The root of all these problems, is the psychological tendency to classify, categorise and to rank things. We have made ourselves inhuman, and play the politics of ranking. Why can we not treat each other equally with respect and regard, by abolishing all titles and taking affirmative actions based on fixed ecological and social goals to reach justice and equality, by treating not tags but social criterion.

Certain educated women misuse their rights, and abuse their opportunities. They play the interior or victim card to get away with most things, and that is harmful for the whole movement. The feminist movement is not to make women more powerful, they are already the backbone of the society, they are the mothers who nurture us and bring us into existence, it’s to return them their glory and equal footing. Our stereotypical thinking and narrowness, has been causing a fatherless crisis in America, and also boys are moving backward because of the education system, and job opportunities are fading away, all because of stereotypes. Women have grown certain Instincts and abilities, these are certain anthropological evolutionary traits, which make them excellent and better options for many jobs, which are becoming female dominated, and men are moving behind in these sectors, which generate employment and have great growth prospects. And women too are prevented from participating in jobs in these specific sectors, by their family and the society.

Normalising domination, or accepting violation of your rights, or someone abusing you and your decision, and you accepting that without any revolt is a crime. Many women don’t develop this sense, they learn the anecdote of submission since childhood, but they aren’t taught to develop critical thinking, or self esteem. Now imagine, what these women would teach the next generation. So the women who are educated and have the privilege of voicing their opinion, should push for Universal Humanism, than accept the sustenance of patriarchy, and linger this fight for equality any longer. It makes no sense to nag around this topic, it requires actions, quick and well implemented, for this is a global policy issue which is now detrimental for the whole of the society and every life on this planet. Cancel patriarchy and matriarchy, adopt humanity.

Could have drawn a few more points, but I guess I could express my feelings and could do justice to my thoughts, for I belong to a culture which puts women on a equal footing with men, and teaches coexistence, and I am son to a mother, who teaches me to respect all human beings equally. I only wish that we can look beyond all these tags, and unite as human beings, in the future. Unity is power.

Thank you for reading, all the very best.



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