The Butterfly that had entered my room

It breathe it’s last breath here and became free.

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Dear Reader,

Yesterday while I was studying for my exam I saw a beautiful butterfly outside the window and then after I opened the window for getting fresh air I saw it entered the room. It had beautiful wings. I just liked how it looked, I was revolving around me and flying pass me it sat on the table and some times on the wall.

I finished studying and went to do dinner, afterwards I saw a web series with my family. I went to my study table to study GK and do a small revision. I saw a glimpse of beauty in the face of the butterfly, but instead of happiness, I felt crying, The sadness increased by a lot in percentage and its wings were turning pale.

Later this morning, I woke up with the pressure of an exam, well it was a nice exam and I got full marks. I saw that the wings were tore and it were white and it became weak, it was flapping its wings and it tried to flap its wings and fly but all in vain, but I tried to help it, I placed it on the window but I flapped its wing fell to the ground and jumping came to me. It flapped a lot and died, stopped flapping, became free from life. It all took 30 minutes approximately.

Man’s happiness is also the same it stays for some time, enjoy it and live the life to fullest.

Happiness is Wealth

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Divyosmi Goswami: A digital nomad's journal wandering through the physical and cyber city discovering himself.

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