My visit to the cyber world

A small blog about me and my journey and passion for technology and the magnificent cyber city.

Dear reader,

When I was small just 2 or 3 years my father gave his old laptop which is still very nice to me. It is a yellow color EGo model laptop with “Windows XP”. My early programming has been done with that laptop. I loved playing and experimenting with it, it was like a friend whom I can never forget about and helped me and my father a lot. He bought it with his scholarship money and he loves it dearly. I started by writing presentations on it. I loved making presentations and made presentations on water, coal, butterfly, snakes, bees, crocodiles, and many other animals. Then I came across excel a tool that I need a lot right now was a friend of mine who entertained me with visualizations and functions.

And one day a question struck, “How are these things and computers made? ” and I went to my parents and asked “papa mam mam(I call them so papa meaning father and mam mam meaning mother) how are the things that are shown on the laptop made?”, they silently thought for exactly 6 seconds and papa told me “the things that you are seeing on the laptop or using like presentation and excel they are some programs”, and I nodded and instantly asked him “what is a program?”, and then he replied “program is a thing we’re you write many algorithms and codes to help you make something like excel that will help you to do the work you do and algorithms are when you write how to perform a task step by step” and smiled I went away from there happily. Then I thought I will also program, and that was a turning point in my life of 12 years. I started with algorithms. I loved it day by day and my love increased every time. I wanted to learn more and more and learned it inch by inch to get the most out of it.

Then at the daybreak of 2 May 2014. I was only 5 and a new life came to the world. A phone call came from my father from the hospital and there was a sky full of happiness in his voice and he said to my maternal grandmother or my Dida (her name is Dipali Chakroborty and I call my maternal grandfather Bapi dada his name Ramaprasad Chakroborty and my grandparents are ammu and dada and their names are Bhumika Goswami and Radhakrishna Goswami respectively) “apnar ekta bonu hoyeche” that when translated is you have got a sister, nobody in the family could believe and we were happy like heaven. I went to the hospital but did not get a chance to meet my mother and bonu, the next day I went and I saw her she was as red as a rose petal and I immediately called her Gulab Bonu(meaning rose sister). I think her presence is very holy in my life and I love her a lot.

I then started learning python when I was just 7 when I was 6 I learned advanced algorithms. I saw that with some modification algorithms can be made into python code. I learned python from Java By Navin Reddy, I would be ever grateful to sir for such a brilliant python course that helped me to learn python and I have from the very beginning in mobile and tablet. Then I got resources from CodeBasics too it also helped me a lot.

Then I started writing gists in GitHub, I loved the simplicity of gists and then I saw that out of all data attracts me the most and I fell in love with data and started learning data science and ml and ai and started learning other languages too and my journey was always very much smooth thanks to my parents who always supported and helped me a lot.

Then I got introduced to blogging and now I am loving blogging and it is great to write blogs it helps you to express yourself and the medium is great for anyone to write blogs like professionals and that also free. I met a person this year. Her name is Dakshi Singh and now she is my mentor and my di(Hindi for sister). She has helped me a lot. I will always remember Prashant bhaiya, Vikas Bhaiya, and Ayush misra bahiya, who mentored me and solved my doubt they never looked at me like a kid and ignored me but always inspired me and I will never forget there help. My school and teachers are the best they are always there for me and other students. I love my school it is the best school in my opinion and my school is like a second family to me. The teachers treat us like their children and are very hardworking and affectionate and we also love and respect them like our parents and share our ideas, achievements and sorrows with them and they always help us.

Technology and the cyber city has always gifted me with open hands and never disappointed me, it has the power to make the world a Heaven.

I will always be grateful to Kaggle Team, GitHub, Team AV,The Startup , @nerdfortech1, Sololearn team, Quora, Medium, and Twitter and all the people who have helped me in my journey.

Thank you, everyone

This blog is dedicated to my family, Esha Goswami mam mam, Hindol Goswami papa, Urjashri Goswami bonu.