My Dear Ma

My mother is the hero of my life, well bigger than that.

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Our Family At Airport

Dear Reader,

Today it is my mother’s 37th happy birthday. Her name is Esha Goswami. She is my mentor and she is a teacher. I love my ma. she is great. she always is there with me on my problems, I lover her dearly. she is the best mom. When it comes to family she takes our care with all her effort. she works day and night, and sleeps so less. she just walks past opportunities to take our care. She could be a great and famous person but she choose to take our care. She left her job of teaching after my sister was about to get born, just some 3 or 5 months before. She started home tution. She is Great. she is honest and bold, I love her a lot. She loves singing, drawing, dancing and cooking. I love her a lot and a lot. If I start writing about her I am afraid I wont stop. I am afraid I cannot use words for lying, I cannot flatter. My ma is the best person i have met with. She is an HUMAN. She knows what her work is and she is the best in her trade.


Thank you.

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Divyosmi Goswami: A digital nomad's journal wandering through the physical and cyber city discovering himself.

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