Miss you! Pigeons

Not an essay on environmental issues but an issue that shall throw human beings into a vortex of drift and change. Where is peace and what is prosperity and equality without it?

Photo by Colton Duke on Unsplash

Dear readers,

It is been a long time since I last wrote to you. I am keeping busy with my work and exam prep, and at night by reading books and numbing on my pain, but there is a napalm liquid ready to fire in me and today I put the matches on and burned the restrictions echoing in me. When at times in pain and suffering I look outside the window right next to my study table. I look upon a canopy of rooftops with rooftop gardens and flowers that bloom at the dawn till dusk and at night the bright moon that rises love in me and fades and come. When I can’t feel that life goes on smoothly I look outside of the window and see many many pigeons. Pink, black, blue, white, many many many more colours of pigeons. I felt so good that it soothed all my pain. Nowadays the pigeons don't come. I am sad and I then remembered that Pigeon is a symbol of peace. Nowadays peace is also disappearing. We are making the drifts more specific. Gender inequality is not a problem of the decade or century, it is the problem that is there from the beginning. But now the times have changed, women like always have again roared into their attires of the tigress, and now the world is learning to accept the truth, the truth is that there from the very beginning of this fight. But there is always a but. Not all men are equal, not everyone is patriarchal and not everybody believes in misogyny. Some also know to respect women(who are the backbones of our society).

Recent rifts in the two genders are irreparable, and I am afraid that slowly people who believe in peace and unity shall fall into this death pit. Why make everything different for men and women, can we not be united and live and tell all the haters that I shall love you cause I am a human being. We are humans, we embrace kindness, compassion, love, peace, unity, justice, knowledge and humanity. All the while people like me and you are there, humanity shall live on, and all the battles that women fight to stand face to face to some patriarchal men will keep going on and it will be better if it goes on and then I know that we all shall be united, but till then a message to everyone, stop spreading hatred and spread the message of love and unity, and equality. This fight for existence is mine, is yours, is ours, is for humans, we are better than animals, we know to think about others and not only ourselves, we are independent and free.

The pigeons have returned and I sure peace shall also be rescued and we all are the fighters in this wheel of time, some from behind the screen and some on grounds. Let us all be one voice, one soul and one mission because independence from evil is our vision. I have believed that we all will be one and we shall be united, after all, God is all-merciful and all-knowing. He who has caused this, shall never leave it this way, maybe we all shall lose ourselves and regard ourselves fallen soldiers fighting for saving Love and I am sure He shall make love, The Queen once again.

Thanks for reading, take care, stay strong, and happy. Like the moon in the night sky is hope, I know that in depths of darkness lies a moon bright, fading and coming again and again. Haters shall hate and lovers unite. Keep a high spirit and love yourself the way you are.



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Divyosmi Goswami

Divyosmi Goswami

Divyosmi Goswami: A digital nomad's journal wandering through the physical and cyber city discovering himself.