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My first vlog, a cinema with the best actress. It was a fun experience, loved it. We had great fun, better than sitting bored and doing nothing. And now my sister has powers.

Divyosmi Goswami
2 min readJun 7, 2021


My favorite pic- We are best bro and sis right after birth- me and gulabbonu (Urjashri)

Dear reader,

I am excited to announce, that I made a short film with my sister, she has powers there. We had great fun and loved the experience, we should also have shot the bts, but we are not good at editing and we needed people and equipment, so a nice homemade short film just made my two of us for you to watch, there is no script just act. Let me brief you on the story.


Urjashri is a sweet girl, people who love her call her urja, but she has a bro who disturbs her in all fashion even when eating, so one fine day when it is lighting and roaring and thunders all around, out of the blue urja gets magical powers and knowledge of magic, for her pure heart is awarded these powers of her. She still never hurt her bro for all he did but then one fine day while she was studying she did mischief she left the study and started to watch videos and all, so she was punished by her bro, her bro fought with her, and then she disappeared into the thin air and left behind a handkerchief. Then when his bro was studying she appeared and gave him cold water, he drank it and disappeared… then urja pointed out that he turned a rabbit soft toy and then urja was laughing and she appears and disappears and then nowhere to be found. A boon or curse.

Let watch now.

A lovely girl gets magic powers she is out to solve the evils and now she turns out to be somewhat an evil philanthropic Hero starting with her brother will be be good or bad Will it be by law or against it will it be a boon or a curse.

Here is an old one made from my tablet in June 2020, what a coincidence I did not do it intentionally I am understanding it while writing this blog my gosh!

New in the neighbourhood, a curious cat, goes into a seemingly haunted and empty house where all the lights flicker, when she enters into the only darkroom, she finds herself trapped, and then out of the pitch-black dark came something and game over. Learn more.

Thanks for watching guys, hope you liked it, do comment on your suggestions, we know it is not that good but we are trying to improve it, waiting for part 2 of both the movies. Take care, Good day.



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