Just another love story

I belong to a pool of lovers, the preachers of the religion of humanity, and poets of madness. Those who are intoxicated to love, or are unapologetically humane still. Those who found solace in company of someone for a moment, and those who perforated the promise of forever. I have seen promises shatter, and lives heal in the most illustrious manners. This is just another love story that might get lost in the vast sea of adolescent calf love.

Divyosmi Goswami
3 min readMar 1, 2023
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Dear readers,

I know a love story too, it began when a boy was too low, and accused of something he never did, and a girl gently held his hand firmly in hers, to make him forget. Unfortunately, his eyes were fixed on the outside world, mind still fixed on the incident, and clock still struck the same hour. But something absorbed his shock, something soothed his immense loneliness at that time. Someone was there. Not forever, but just when it was needed.
He returned home to narrate his ordeal, but not with much pain in his voice, not much pity for self, not much pain to the image of self. Something was capable of taking his pain away. Love need not last forever, or define the course of the trajectory of an enigmatic dynamic of life and friendship. It's just a medicine you need to your ailment, just a little bit of support. Not a drug to be addicted to, but a potion that heal. Value this potion, respect the brewers, and share this kindness into the world.
Bottles that carry this spell of love might break, upon being struck by the breeze of time. They can falter to our egos, they might crumble to our surprise. They can get old. But smile that you ever experienced it. All the best to the lovers I see. This tale is a short lived fairy tale, and I tell you I saw its completion and conclusion.
This time as well the vicious vortex had sucked out the love essence, the poetries that were written, were washed by the accidental tide of revelation. It began with a letter, which was a secret for the world, and end in isolation, as the second letter never made it to the recipient, for he was too uncertain. It read,

Bare hands, which lay hidden in those mitts
From: Divyosmi Goswami To: Estrella
It honesty be demanded, if questions be asked, I would love to proclaim, I liked the time, we basked in each other’s embrace of frenzy, hazy scape of youth. I defied, and ignored the signs to partake in your silly love, whose innocence hooked my mind, pulled it into the dark cold alley, into the grey you masked with your Smile. Now, when realisation calls me late, and guilt dawns upon me, the apologies I owe, and the tender Structure which has been shattered, O! I lament. Was ignorance happiness? or just gateway to foolish trance? I looked down the burrow, to find your keen eyes perforate the winter breeze for the Serpent, you swore to keep distance from. My eyes testify the giggles and love you shared with a treacherous beast. Well live and enjoy darling. Though dejected, I keep my words, and curse his venom, may become useless against you. May he lose his potent, and I wish Randomness to gift you my heart to realise what’s Lost. - 25/2/23

Did not get opportunity to send this letter yet.

Thank you

I’m uncertain about the future of our friendship, or about life, I just know, recently the leaf is not flowing in the direction of the enternal river of nothingness and time, from which all stories generate to sublime yet again. I just hope we both remain the same. I just hope our friendship lasts, and we can hold hands again when we need it. Bye!



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