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Divyosmi Goswami
4 min readNov 14, 2020

Hello everyone,

Out there in the world where in every nook and corner data is present and every bit of information can be converted into data and data is the new fuel. I`m Divyosmi. I know a weird name. Meaning I am Divine. I am passionate about data, and technology. I am a believer who believes that one can create a place where there is no grief, no hunger, no sorrow, no poverty, no problems. I believe data has that capability that power to help the whole world sustain through the eternity. I love blogging and coding. I know these emerging technologies and advancement when mash up with a tincture of culture can make magic and magic can connect the disconnected. I have experience with the cloud sometimes under open sky or sometimes on computing platform, From servers to the front-end. I am on a mission to bring a smile on the faces of people throughout the world. Join me to my journey and unravel the world and sustainability. People like me are called HAESolvian I know name sounds weird, but they are also with me on the same mission, a great heal procedure.

My education

I am a school goer, and currently I am reading in class 6, in the well-known St. Xavier’s Institution, Ruiya. I am expected to leave school on year 2026.

My Skills

Java+NLP+C+CPP+Python3+Machine Learning+Web Development+Sustainable Development+Blogging+Traveling+Artificial Intelligence+Neural Network+Deep Learning+Reinforcment Learning+Tensorflow+Keras+RUBY+Scikit Learn+NUMPY+PANDAS+Spacy+HTML/CSS/JavaScript+PhotoShop+MicroSystem+Embeded System+Language Design+Logo Design+Coumputer Science+Algorithms+Visualization+PandasProfiling+Data Science+Analysis+Computer Vision


Books+Gardening+seeing how to cook+eat+travel+know history+Social welfare and good+Watching videos


cook like ma
be a multitasker like my ma again
travel the whole world in a gist
Have a youtube channel
Be an influencer
Be as responsible as my papa
Be a human more than a robot
Be famous
Have 10k+ contacts & friends
Not Pretend but be busy
Go to IIT Kharagpur to study and have a nice cs degree
Land a dream job in google
Make haesolve a big success
Help people around the world
Be a grand success and make this small endeavor successful
Decode the paradise
Meet Sundar Pichai, Bill Gates and many more people
Be a great technical writer and coder

My projects:-

Canada IPC(income per capita) prediction Status:Completed Task:Regression
BirdCall Recognition Status:In-Progress Task: Classification
Logistic Regression/ Linear Regression / K-means & other ml models from scratch \\ LogitFlow status: In-Progress Task: Many tasks
URJA Status:In-Progress Task: Programming Language
HAESolve Status:In-Progress Task:Sustainable Development and Livelihood Product
Diabetes Prediction Status: Completed Task: Prediction
Concrete Quality Prediction Status: Completed Task: Prediction
Covid-19 m-RNA Sequencing & Degradation analysis status: Completed task: Analysis and classification
Future sales prediction status: completed task: classification
Covid-19 Live data analytics status: In-Progress task: Analysis
Book recommender status: In-Progress Task: Predictive analysis

Image captioning

Colour recognition

Data analysis on SDG Goals

Fashion analysis and prediction

Unemployment forecasts in India

Child labour forecasts and predictive study


Best debate speaker
Best debate defender
Kerela flood 2018 donater
NCO gold olympaid 2018
NSO gold olympaid 2018
IEO gold olympaid 2018
IMO bronze olympaid 2018
Oxford 1st semester cycle assesment exam
IEO silver olympaid 2019
IMO gold olympaid 2019
NSO gold olympaid 2019
Zonal excellence in IEO in 2018
Zonal excellence in IMO,NSO 2019
Jmmc research foundation exam 2018
Jmmc resaerch foundation exm 2019
NIIT GURU MATH -e- Magician intra school competition
Yoga,Karate, Swimming exam certification
Sports competition
Intra school quiz competition
Byju’s assesment exam
Kaggle Intro to deep learning course
Kaggle Microchallenges

My vision My mission

I have a very simple mission and vision. My target is to bring a smile on every human beings’ face and make the world a better place. A next to impossible dream that can come true. Join me to the mission. The experience can be breathe taking and life changing.

Explore the blogs

I write stories of the people, from the people and for the people. With me explore the different world. The other side the unknown and unsaid. Let’s take the time a centuries or milleniums back and forth and find out the mysteries and stories waiting to be unraveled. Let’s jump right into the world of secrets and decode the paradise.

I am on a mission. HAESolve.

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Email :- goswamidivyosmi@gmail.com

Thanks for reading. Happy to have you in the world.



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