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Divyosmi Goswami: A digital nomad's journal wandering through the physical and cyber city discovering himself.

Welcome to my world. Read the blog to know about me.

Hello everyone,

Out there in the world where in every nook and corner data is present and every bit of information can be converted into data and data is the new fuel. I`m Divyosmi. I know a weird name. Meaning I am Divine. I am passionate about data, and technology…

Koi tumi, ami kothai, eta ki holo, uff matha betha korche.(literally translated- where are you? Where am I? What happened? Oh! My head is aching.) My world is spinning. This help me. Oh I am alive. It was a Dream then, was it? Yes. Ufff, I am saved.

Dear readers,

Dear readers,

A person is defined by the actions they perform. We act so we live. humans are made up of passion, emotions, feelings and consciousness. Motivation is the action of inspiration and self aspiration and positivity that help us prosper and be passionate towards our mission. Motivation is our…

We are much more conditional than them.

Dear readers,

Machines at the core work with 2 states, 1 or 0. It often represents true or false, wrong or right, received or not, spam or ham, and many many more. In machines, previously they used to transmit whatever data they received. They did not differentiate between good or…

Night is the most productive part of my whole day, it is when I brainstorme, drow in my trance and be me.

Dear readers,

I know I haven’t written much in a while. The bird of creativity does not fly by me and chirp the lovely song any day now. So I was on a quest to find her out, and she came out all of a sudden.

3 days ago I…

We humans are made up of several emotions and it is what makes us what we are. I am in quest to find mine.

What we eat is what we become. What we think is how we act. What we pray is what we beleive. — Atharva Veda

Dear readers,

A few days back I was working on lpg gas price hike analysis and it further led me into food science. I have been…

LPG gas price is increasing every day and at a frighteningly fast rate. Will people die of hunger? Is starvation of people the new battleground for the dirty battle of politics? How will people survive this battle? What are the answers to this crisis? Is there joy to this ode?

Photo by Roya ann miller on Unsplash

Dear reader,

Some days ago the gas cylinder at our house was extinguished and there was no more fuel left in it. My mother took out her mobile phone to book a gas cylinder. After she booked the gas, she said that gas prices were increasing quite rapidly. I was…

At times when the team falls apart, the leader comes out to guide the team through all hurdles. At ancient times when tribes were forming and the dawn of civilization was to occur, the strongest and the most intelligent was chosen the leader. There is a vast difference between a…

Today I am going to try and break down the meaning behind the word we use so much all day. To be patient means to be knowing and valuing time that takes behind every work and it is to give adequate time behind every process. In our lives we must…

Not an essay on environmental issues but an issue that shall throw human beings into a vortex of drift and change. Where is peace and what is prosperity and equality without it?

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Dear readers,

It is been a long time since I last wrote to you. I am keeping busy with my work and exam prep, and at night by reading books and numbing on my pain, but there is a napalm liquid ready to fire in me and today I…

Divyosmi Goswami

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